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REMATCH BBF vs pRc 10/12/14

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=BBF= vs =pRc= (rematch)
12 Oct 2014 (Single Day Event)

Brothers of Battlefield vs. Precision Clan (Rematch)

Date: Oct 12th.
Time: 4:30PM PST/7:30PM Eastern
PRC Scrim Server
Password: TBA
Players: 8 v 8 Minimum
Mode: Normal
Game Type: Mixed
Maps: Siege/Rush | Locker/Defuse | Dawn/Domination
Vehicles: Yes
Weapons: Per Stats

A Few Rules

*Best 2 out of 3 wins with no intermissions.
*All players must be sporting clan tags in game.
*BF4 "All Chat" reserved for Game Admins and GG only.
*Spectators must remain outside Teamspeak Scrim Channels.
*Scrim might be streamed/recorded which include TS comms.
*If any player drops from game, the opposition must have one member stand down until player is redeployed/replaced.

Please post any opinions or concerns regarding this scrimmage as we want it to run smoothly for both teams.

More info here!