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(pRc) Precision Clan
-->Visit PRECISIONClan.com<--
| ** Battlefield 4 ** |
BF4 Normal - Sync
Team A
Team B
BF4 Hardcore - Sync
Team A
Team B
BF4 Mixed Mode - Sync
Team A
Team B
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Scrim Viewers
Team A
Team B
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| ** Other Games ** |
| ** User Channels ** |
The Gadget Wharf
Super Secret Channel
The Secret Pillow Fort
| ** System Channels ** |
=pRc= MamboKatz
pRc Bot
TeamSyncMixedMode from

Latest News

REMATCH - TBG vs pRc 11/02/14

Sep 23 2014 09:42 AM | HavokMR2 in Articles

Posted Image

=TBG= vs =pRc= (rematch)
02 Nov 2014 (Single Day Event)

True Born Gamers vs. Precision Clan (rematch)

Game Details:

Time: 5 PM PST/8 PM EST

Roster: 10v10

Spectators: 4

ServerMode: Normal

Killcam: No

Server: Our Scrim Server

GameType: Mixed

Maps: Paracel Storm/Rush | Zavod 311/Domination | Caspian Boarder/Obliteration

Vehicles: Ya

Weapons: Per Stats

Some Rules:

* Best 2 out of 3 wins with no intermissions.*All players must be sporting clan tags in game.

* BF4 "All Chat" reserved for Game Admins and GG only.

* Spectators must remain outside Teamspeak Scrim Channels.

* Scrim might be streamed/recorded which include TS comms.

* If any player drops from game, the opposition must have one member stand down until player is redeployed/replaced.

Please post any questions, concerns or ideas regarding this scrim as we want this challenge to go smooth for both teams.

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Camping Trip

Sep 29 2014 11:04 PM | Jamesonp in Clan Updates

Posted Image

We recently had our very first Clan camping trip. Here are some pictures and videos!

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New Classic Preset Coming

Aug 12 2014 05:54 PM | Bugrat in Battlefield 4

Posted Image

DICE has a big update prepped for release in September which includes a lot of the big improvements from the Community Test Environment (CTE). One new feature that is really kind of under the radar is they are finally incorporating a Classic preset to bridge the gap between Normal and Hardcore. In a nutshell this mode promises to deliver an experience closer to 1942 and BF2.

Here are the bullet points for the default Classic settings:
(Settings taken from Hardcore marked in Orange, settings taken from Normal marked in Green)
(Edit 8/23/14)
  • FriendlyFire: Off
  • RegenerateHealth: Off
  • OnlySquadLeaderSpawn: On
  • Minimap: On
  • Hud: On
  • MiniMapSpotting: On
  • 3dSpotting: Off
  • KillCam: Off
  • 3pCam: Off
  • NameTags: Off
  • HitIndicatorsEnabled: On
  • SoldierHealth:100
  • ForceReloadWholeMags: On
NOTE: These settings are taken from the CTE so they could change by the time the patch actually launches.

The patch is still a month away, but I thought I would see if anyone else was interested in this and explore the possibility of using these settings one one of our servers.

What do you guys think? Too late DICE? Too risky to try this on one of our servers?

Source: http://diaryofdennis...lay-experience/
(Note about the source: It says in the link that the soldier health setting is 60% but I am told that's a typo and the CTE uses 100% health currently)

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200,000+ Player Milestone

Sep 01 2014 02:56 AM | Jamesonp in Clan Updates

Posted Image

Our servers have been open for almost a year now and we've been tracking our own player stats for roughly 10 months. So far we've seen 223,064 players drop by our servers to play. I'd like to thank our dedicated players who continue to return to our servers.

Posted Image

We've seen 16,507,142 kills, 15,464,656 deaths, and 26,36,525 headshots over a combined total of 567,552 hours of game play.

If you'd like to check our your stats, you can do so here!

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We are recruiting!

Apr 23 2014 01:32 PM | konfusion in Clan Updates

Posted Image

We are always recruiting mature and friendly adults.

Please become familiar with our Code of Conduct and Recruiting Process.

Ready to apply?

Posted Image

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Become a VIP!

Apr 23 2014 01:33 PM | konfusion in Clan Updates

Posted Image

An Essential subscription of $5/month rewards:
  • Reserved slot across all current and future servers
  • Essential VIP forum group
  • Essential VIP forum award
  • Custom TeamSpeak icon
An Ultimate subscription of $10/month rewards:
  • Reserved slot across all current and future servers
  • Complete balancer immunity
  • Ultimate VIP forum group
  • Ultimate VIP forum award
  • Custom TeamSpeak icon
A Premium subscription of $15/month rewards:
  • Reserved slot across all current and future servers
  • Complete balancer immunity
  • In-game command: !killme (suicide without penalty!)
  • In-game command: !moveme (switch teams without penalty!)
  • Premium VIP forum group
  • Premium VIP forum award
  • Custom TeamSpeak icon
Become a VIP today and enjoy the perks!

Posted Image

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