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New Classic Preset Coming

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DICE has a big update prepped for release in September which includes a lot of the big improvements from the Community Test Environment (CTE). One new feature that is really kind of under the radar is they are finally incorporating a Classic preset to bridge the gap between Normal and Hardcore. In a nutshell this mode promises to deliver an experience closer to 1942 and BF2.

Here are the bullet points for the default Classic settings:
(Settings taken from Hardcore marked in Orange, settings taken from Normal marked in Green)
(Edit 8/23/14)
  • FriendlyFire: Off
  • RegenerateHealth: Off
  • OnlySquadLeaderSpawn: On
  • Minimap: On
  • Hud: On
  • MiniMapSpotting: On
  • 3dSpotting: Off
  • KillCam: Off
  • 3pCam: Off
  • NameTags: Off
  • HitIndicatorsEnabled: On
  • SoldierHealth:100
  • ForceReloadWholeMags: On
NOTE: These settings are taken from the CTE so they could change by the time the patch actually launches.

The patch is still a month away, but I thought I would see if anyone else was interested in this and explore the possibility of using these settings one one of our servers.

What do you guys think? Too late DICE? Too risky to try this on one of our servers?

Source: http://diaryofdennis...lay-experience/
(Note about the source: It says in the link that the soldier health setting is 60% but I am told that's a typo and the CTE uses 100% health currently)