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Announcement: Code of Conduct

Posted by konfusion


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The Code of Conduct serves as a reminder to each of us for how we should act. It's important to portray a positive image to the rest of the community. When wearing the pRc tags, you are representing the entire clan at all times.

1) Respect each other, including people you don't know.
Demonstrate to people that we treat others with respect, and demand it in return. We won't tolerate any less.

2) Keep a positive attitude and outlook.
No one likes a pessimist and don't be a dick. No one likes being told they suck or being made to feel worthless. Not everyone is a hacker. Not everyone is cheating. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all." - Abraham Lincoln

3) Be active on the forums and on TeamSpeak.
Being a part of the clan is more than just playing the game on our servers. Our forums serve as a central place for all of our updates and happenings inside the clan and within each of our personal lives that we share. When you joined pRc, you joined a tightly knit brotherhood. Avoiding the forums is negligent and disrespectful. We all have lives outside of the game, and absences are common and not held against you; just keep the clan in the loop as much as you can.

* Failure to maintain a presence within the clan including forums and/or TS could result is removal from the clan.

4) Stay Chill.
No one wants to play or talk to someone that's constantly complaining, yelling, or upset. If you find yourself frustrated, log the fuck off and go drink a tall glass of iced water before raging on TeamSpeak and/or on the server.

5) Don't stat-pad.
This can be a thin line to follow. When helping to populate an empty server, try and resist the urge to accumulate tens of thousands of points in a single round. Stat-padding has never been looked highly upon in Battlefield games. Lots of people have cheated the system a bit to gain certain unlocks; just be careful the degree in which you're doing it.

6) No cheating/hacking/glitching/macros.
Any of these can be used to create an unfair advantage. Macros are NOT allowed for use in the clan. Keep it 100% legit.

7) Avoid racial profanity and racist slurs.
We welcome different cultures, backgrounds, faiths, opinions, views, and ethnicity.

8) Donations are appreciated.
Though not required, they definitely do not go unnoticed. The clan needs to support itself as much of a whole as possible, and not just a few key members. $5/month is a tiny amount that practically anyone can contribute and makes sure we can pay all of our invoices.

9) Use the Chain of Command to settle any disputes.
If you witnessed any member violating any one of the above, please report to a Council member first and let them handle the situation before starting a public humiliation thread on the forums. If it was a simple argument you had with a member, then please try to settle it yourselves PRIVATELY, either via PMs or a separate channel on TeamSpeak. If a problem still isn't getting resolved, then message any Council Member.

10) Our servers come before anyone else. You are obligated to help populate them.
If you are actively playing Battlefield, you must help populate our server before playing elsewhere. Getting everyone behind this will make sure that our server is populated as much as possible. Once the server has reached at least 1/2 full, then you are permitted to play elsewhere if you wish.

11) One Battlefield clan, period.
This includes platoons, scrim teams, communities, etc. Being a part of this clan is a commitment and everyone should share that value.

12) Being social is more important than competitiveness
We are a social clan, not a competitive one. Your social skills are more important than game skills.